Our Story


Hi there. Thank you for stopping by! We may not have met each other in person yet, so let us be the first to share our story to get to know each other a little better.

If we may take a wild guess: every now and then you like to have a good cup of coffee, or you might even love to make one for someone else! Well, so do we. You might say that this is 50% of the reason why we started developing the Puqpress.

The other 50% has to do with our roots, you see, we like building great machines. Our origin lies in Delft, a small city in the west of the Netherlands. Delft is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Netherlands. She is famous for a few things, among which its technological nature.

How it al started

It started in Delft with two brothers, one of them working at a coffee place at the central square, the other a mechanical engineer. One day they came together to discuss the following question. If everything about making the perfect espresso is about precision and control. And if tamping is such an important factor to the flavour of your coffee. Why do we still do it by hand? It seemed pretty random in a world of perfectionists, and certainly something an engineer from Delft could fix.

After a lot of idea's, coffee, drawings, test settings and more coffee, the first beta version was ready. Allright, it might have looked like a device that could take you to the moon, but it worked like a charm! The first precision coffee tamper was born.

It wasn't long that the first series of Puqpress was produced and sold in Delft after which the rest of Holland soon followed, than France, Germany and more countries in Europe. These days we have just released the 2nd generation Puqpress and sell in over 15 countries all over the world to happy customers.

Looking forward

Although we expanded quite well, we still remained a small company, which is great! This way we keep it personal and relevant, with all our focus on improving and innovating our products, aswell as serving the end-user as best as possible.