“You can make a Good cup of Latte, or you can make a winning one”

Yup it’s true!

Many of the best Baristas in the world choose Puqpress as their favorite tamper.

It makes their job easier and helps them to become a better barista.

Kiss your old tamper good bye and join the revolution!

“Grind size should be your only variable as a Barista.”

Klaus Thomsen

Owner of Coffee Collective & World Barista Champion

Running one of the best Roasteries in the world & 6 Coffee Shops together with his team, the word “compromise” doesn’t appear to be in the dictionary of Mr. Klaus.

In this video, Klaus explains what a Barista’s number 1 task is and how we help him achieve that.

(No we didn’t pay him :) We did give him a Puqpress as a gift as he helped us get foot on the ground in the early days. Thank you Klaus!)

“You can make a Good cup of latte,
or you can make a winning one.”

Irvine Quek

World Champion Latte Art 2018

Becomming a World Champion at age 20 is quite an achievement in our opinion.

Irivine was on a Roll with a capital R, untill he developped a Barista arm and couldn’t hold a pitcher anymore.

It isn’t a joke.

Now we handle the Pressure for him, so he is back out there, Rolling and Creating.

We never get enough of this story.

Shinsaku (Samurai) Fukuyama

Australian Latte Art Champion

In 2013 Shin had to give up his career in snowboarding and got curious about coffee.
He discovered the best place in the world to learn all about it was Australia.

So while speaking exactly 1 word of English, he decided to give it a go and move to Melbourne.
In 2018 he became the Australian Latte Art Champion.

Today (April 2021) he is opening his own roastery in Osaka called @baristamap

Talking about getting a handle on pressure.
Congratulations Shin!

get behind it