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What about Tamping Profiles on my PUQ GEN-5?2023-02-24T13:35:14+01:00

GEN-5 comes with improved tamping profiles to consitently improve the control over your flow rate.

There are 5 different tamping profiles, all explained below.
Q2 has all five of them. Mini and Q1 have P0, P1 and P4.

Hold the clean button 3 seconds. You can scroll up and down with + and –

Designed to speed up the work flow – 1.3 seconds – 1st tamp with force, 2nd tamp to polish. The original PUQpress Tamp.

Designed to optimize extraction with a big diameter tamper and competition baskets. PRECISION prevents suction between the tamper and the filter basket, by moving the tamper slowly in the upwards direction –  2.1 seconds – 1st tamp with force, 2nd tamp to polish.

Designed for an extra soft tamp. Has a range of 5kg to 15kg  – 2.5 seconds – 1st tamp with force, 2nd tamp to polish.

Designed to achieve a longer extraction time while using the same dose & grind coarsness. For short shots that are used in Flat Whites for example. – 2.5 seconds – 1st tamp with force, 2nd tamp with force, 3rd tamp to polish

Don’t use this setting. It is here to show you why PUQpress tamps twice in case you are curious.

Can I order spare parts for my PUQpress?2020-10-26T14:41:13+01:00

Yes definitely. Please contact your local dealer for more info.

You can find your local dealer here



Can I change the tamper of my PUQpress for another diameter after purchasing it?2020-10-26T14:38:23+01:00

Yes you can, it only takes 30 seconds.
Watch how to do that here.

If you want to change a tamper smaller than 56mm to a tamper larger than 56mm or vice versa,  your upper clamp needs to be changed as well. In that case please contact your local dealer for support.

What tamp pressure should I set my Puqpress at?2020-10-26T14:28:01+01:00

We recommend starting with 30 Lbs or 14 Kg of pressure, then you can move up or down from there depending on your results.

What Size Puqpress Tamper should I get?2020-10-26T14:34:15+01:00

Please click here for the overview of machines & recommended tamper diameters.

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