Tamper Chart


optimize your extraction

The bigger the surface of your coffee bed that is tamped flat & level, without breaking the seal between the coffee and the filter basket, the better.

Find the perfect tamper size for your filter basket / machine in the overview below.


Tamper diameters per machine
Astoria 58.0mm Kees van der Westen 58.3mm
Aurora 56.0mm La Marzocco 58.3mm
Bezzera 58.0mm Nuova Simonelli 58.0mm
Carimali 58.0mm Spaziale 53.0mm
Conti 58.0mm Synesso 58.3mm
Dalla Corte 54.3mm Victoria Arduino 58.0mm
ECM 58.0mm VST 58.3mm
Expobar 58.0mm Wega 58.0mm
Faema 58.0mm Unic 57.3mm

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