Boncafé Cambodia

Established in 1996, Boncafé Cambodia is an importer & distributor of high quality coffee products & equipment to both wholesale & retail markets. In 2014, the Boncafé Group was fully acquired by major Italian café operator & coffee merchant, the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group. This exercise includes the roasting plants in Thailand & Singapore. Boncafé remains the only European coffee roaster with production facilities in South East Asia today.

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Stealth Coffee Systems

Stealth Coffee Systems is a team of passionate coffee professionals, all with extensive experience from baristas to technicians. We know your cafe and home deserve the best, we're here to build relationships and inspire.

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The coffee pot is a platform where we have combined coffee masters with coffee lovers. So that we can teach Slovak consumers how to overcome this path and thus achieve the desired coffee experience, we believe that anyone who has tasted coffee once can become a Coffee Eater. We realise that coffee makers are not just consumers, but a whole segment of households - @home, offices - @work, cafes and restaurants - @horeca. Our goal is to take care of the entire coffee segment, respond to its needs and introduce the concept of coffee literacy. Thus, to increase awareness and skills in the selection, preparation, and serving of coffee and the choice of the coffee machine and its service. Because only then will the coffee pots increase when the consumer satisfies his expected feeling and has the right experience. At the same time, Kaffoholik underlines his skill in the coffee craft in Slovakia at heart brand. It is a locally roasted coffee that responds to the local needs of consumers by requiring a taste profile for them.

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Mondo Coffee

Since 1998 we have been traveling the world and exploring diverse coffee cultures. One day we asked ourselves ‘how can we share this knowledge and inspire others to fall in love with pure, natural coffee?’

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Coffeenatics is a Specialty Coffee Roaster, Wholesaler, Cafe based in Medan and operating throughout Indonesia. We are passionate about coffee. To create a cup of coffee, we source top quality speciality coffee beans from all over the world, roast the coffee to bring out its most distinct aromas and flavours and create blends that balance all of the coffee’s natural characteristics and baristas then brew the coffee with great care using state of the art equipment. We are also passionate about our world. Our café is inspired by coffee cultures all over the globe. From the food and beverage selections to interior design, everything you find at our café is a curated selection that creates unique and distinctive experiences.

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Concept Specialist

Concept Specialist, Inc. started in 1998. After discovering a bean-to-cup coffee machine in a foreign trade show, CSI aimed to provide the food and beverage industry with high-quality products. Our company takes pride in the quality of our machines and the excellence of our service. Our goal is to serve all market segments of the Philippine F&B industry by carrying the best brands for them. We cater to both businesses and consumers alike.

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Fuel Specialty Coffee

At Fuel, we believe that quality coffee should be recognized and enjoyed by everyone, so we consider it our mission to bring and roast excellent-quality coffee beans of different varieties from across the globe - to be enjoyed in the homes and offices of our community. By bringing together ideas from different generations, cultures, and traditions, a team of coffee-driven experts created what we now call Fuel.

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Flatwhite Machines

At Flatwhite Machines ,we offer new and refurbished coffee machines and grinders from the best brands. You can choose from the range we currently have in stock, or we will arrange and customize your dream piece for you. Knowledge, service and creativity are our top priority.

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The love for traditional Italian espresso machines and the divine taste of espresso was the reason for Reinhold Fliedl to start Espressolutions. Today are we are the one-stop shop for gastronomy, coffee lovers and coffee geeks in Austria. We are your "partner in coffee" with a complete range from coffee equipment to deliver and service your espresso equipment.

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Espresso Coffee Shop

Since 1997 we have served over 60000 happy customers all over the world. We have selected the best choice of home espresso coffee machines, grinders and accessories for you.We will be glad to answer all your questions to ensure your choice will fit with your needs and your budget. Even after the sale our technical staff will provide you with the best technical support if needed. Prompt delivery, money back guarantee no question.

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