Our Story

In 2011, in our hometown Delft, we noticed espresso bars were facing problems while tamping their coffee.
The biggest issues were level tamping, wrist fatigue and especially inconsistency between alternating baristas.

Though good baristas are experts in tamping, getting multiple baristas to deliver the same amount of tamping pressure time and again, is a challenge. We wanted to keep espresso bars from this challenge by automating this process.

So, Barista Technology (based in the Netherlands) created the first Puqpress ever made.
It was half a meter high and looked like a rocket, but did the job just fine.

In 2015 we launched the 3rd generation of Puqpress and today it is available in 45 countries worldwide.
Now baristas can focus on what they do best: getting all the variables of brewing delicious coffee just right.

The goal is to deliver a perfect level tamp for every shot, regardless of the barista on duty. We think we delivered just

About tomorrow, well we can’t tell to much yet.
Do rest assured that more designs are hanging on our office walls and we are excited to turn them into reality.

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What's Inside of the Puqpress Factory (making automated coffee tampers)

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