Puqpress M1

KE640, Peak & K30. M1 suits them all

M1 = Q2 without the need for counter space

+ Nano non-stick tamp head reduces coffee build up.
+ New advanced stiffer frame provides further precision and life span.
+ The new updated design now works perfectly with naked portafilters.

"It tamps incredibly even with the same pressure all day long. A wonderful tool for us as Baristas."
- Klaus Thomsen, Owner of Coffee Collective & former World Barista Champion

Net weight:5 kg (10 lbs)
Dimensions (DxWxH):30x23x17cm
Input:110-230Vac 50-60Hz
Power:72 W
Suitable for:All types of portafilters, all brands, single or double spouts, also naked.
Tamper diameter:53 -58.3 mm (customised, tolerance +/- 0.1 mm)
Tamper shape:flat bottom, other designs on request
Non-stick coating:Yes
Adjustable pressure:10-30 kg, (+/- 1 kg), 20-60 lbs (+/- 2 lbs)
Cycle duration:1.3 sec.


Colin Harmon - 4 time WBC Finalist

"“We are never going back. Better extraction, easy workflow and no more sore arms…" -

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Gwilym Davies - 2009 WBC Champion

"“Puqpress was initially for me a way to get rid of the nonsense surrounding tamping…" -

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Bunker Coffee

"“Puqpress tamps with more consistency than our staff which means we don’t have to…" -

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