The Puqpress Q1

The original Puqpress in an updated design. This fourth generation Q1 with its small footprint fits on every bar.

It is our most economic product and delivers as good of a tamp as it's bigger brothers.

Simply plug it in, adjust the lower fork and dial in the tamping force to your preference.

Serving incredible consistent shots has never been this easy.

Proven Concept in an Updated Design

Perfect level tamping makes every coffee taste better.

"Do you have a Cafe?
Then you should probably buy one."
- James Hoffman, World Barista Champion 2007


Save time in training and have every one tamp perfect instantly. "On a busy day, you know every served coffee was delicious, just by looking at two metrics."

Loved by Champions

Colin Harmon - 4 time WBC Finalist

"“We are never going back. Better extraction, easy workflow and no more sore arms…" -

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Gwilym Davies - 2009 WBC Champion

"“Puqpress was initially for me a way to get rid of the nonsense surrounding tamping…" -

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Bunker Coffee

"“Puqpress tamps with more consistency than our staff which means we don’t have to…" -

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How it works