The Puqpress Q2

The new Q2 Puqpress automatic coffee tamper offers the latest in precision technology to provide a consistent tamping experience for every cup of coffee.


Q2 The Upgraded Puqpress

The new Nano Technology non-stick coated tamper head reduces coffee build up.

This will keep your Puqpress cleaner for longer, however, we still advise that you give your Puqpress a 1 minute clean at the end of every day to ensure that it is tamping at its best.

We have optimised the shape of the lower clamp to now support all portafilters!

So it does not matter whether your cafe as Naked, Single Spout, Double Spout or any combination of the 3; the Q2 Puqpress will work admirably with any portafilter you use it with.

The Puqpress also suits all Porta?lter sizes from 53mm - 59mm with adjustable tamping pressure of 1kg to enable you to dial in the perfect extraction from your espresso machine.

One the biggest changes to the Q2 is the easily adjustable lower clamp wheel. This will greatly help to simplify the setup of your Puqpress.

This adjustment wheel is built to last, made with an all metal construction from the weel all the way to the top of the lower clamp, giving you peace of mind that you can adjust your Puqpress for years to come without any worry that this mechanism will fail on you.

Available in matt black and matt white

How it works



Colin Harmon - 4 time WBC Finalist

"“We are never going back. Better extraction, easy workflow and no more sore arms…" -

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Gwilym Davies - 2009 WBC Champion

"“Puqpress was initially for me a way to get rid of the nonsense surrounding tamping…" -

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Bunker Coffee

"“Puqpress tamps with more consistency than our staff which means we don’t have to…" -

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